West Virginia Supreme Court Of Appeals Case 15-0491 Documents:

Petition for redress of grievances and breach of promise - Legislature 2/24/15: (A Corporation!)
01 Petitioning Legislators 2_24_15  Video -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmkVuB3ezgg
Petitioning Governor: (A Corporation!)
02 Petitioning Governor 3_27_15
Petitioning Supreme Court of Appeals: (A Corporation!)
03 Petitioning Supreme Court 3_27_15
Filed Action in the Supreme Court of Appeals: (You won't voluntarily do what is right, will you?)
04 Supreme Court Filing 5_22_15
Supreme Court Scheduling Order: (You've attempted inserting us into Bizarro Fiction World!)
05 Supreme Court First Order Case 15-0491 5_5_15
Refusal of Scheduling Order For Cause:  (We're not Pro Se and it's a demand, not a request!)
06 Refusal for Cause Supreme Court Order 6_9_15
Notice of Default: (Rule 2, look it up!)
07 Notice of Default 6_25_15
Declaratory Judgment Demand 6/29/15: (Get 'R' Done, You're wasting the good men and women's time and $)
08 Emergency Declaratory Judgment Demand 6_29_15
Response From Defendants 7/2/15: (With attempted insertion again into Bizarro Fiction World!)
09 Defendants Response 7_2_15
2nd & Final Notice of Default 7/8/15: (Get 'R' Done, You're wasting more time and money!)
10 2nd & Final Notice of Default 7_8_15
Proper Correction of Defendant's Response (Are you serious?)
11 Proper Correction of Defendant’s Response 7_15_15
A Request From Bizzaro World  (Mr. Steve Harrison, the corporate headquarters is in your house!)
12 Request From Greear 7_23_15
Refusal for Cause of Bizarro World Request (Dissolve your corporation first!)
13 Refusal of Request From Greear 7_28_15
Notice-Declaration-Order 8/28/15 (W.Va. Adjutant General & US Army Provost Marshall General - DO YOUR JOB!)
14 Notice Declaration Order to Military 8_28_15
Amended Complaint 9/4/15 (There can be no future changes in Case 15-0491)
15 Amended Supreme Court Case 15-0491 9_4_15
Supreme Court 2nd Order (To Gene Alone Received 9/5 After Our 9/4 Amended Complaint)
16 Supreme Court – Petition Dismissal Received 9_5_15
Gene's Response To 2nd Order (Yes, words cannot convey what we are having to deal with. You must see to believe!)
17 Gene Refusal of Dismissal 9_15_15
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