It is rare that you get to see the underbelly of the 'Beast System'.  This is one of those rare times.  I say beast system, because it is the system of control.  Remember Get Smart, with Chaos vs. Control?  Ever heard of order out of chaos, Ordo Ab Chao? 

You are in for a treat as Thomas vs. Magistrate Waters, the government minion who was caught off guard, is an expose into the corporate fiction world of government posing as of, by and for the people!  If it wasn't so dastardly, it would be funny!

Here is the link to a video that should not exist, but does!  Following the link below is a little blurb. With no apologies,   Phil Hudok

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On October 5, 2015, Thomas David House of Deegan appeared in Wood County Magistrate Court. This is the raw footage of that hearing. You will hear Thomas confront Magistrate Waters with very pertinent questions that are the foundation of the case that Thomas, Gene Stalnaker and I took to the West Virginia Supreme Court to which the court, the legislature and the governor are in default and dishonor. How can a defendant in court take a corporate BAR attorney or "represent themselves" thereby entering Bizarro fiction world where you have no "NO" God given rights? You don't REPRESENT YOURSELF when you are yourself.  Will the "just us" corporate system allow Thomas to DEFEND HIMSELF?  Not if they can help it. The entire system is in default and dishonor and now obstruction of justice.

Hear Magistrate Waters say, “Do you want to wave your rights to have an attorney present?”

AMAZING!!!   Truth is, if you have an attorney, you wave your rights!!!

P.S. There will be a hearing on 12/11 at 9:30 A.M. in Parkersburg Circuit Court.  Thomas is now facing 1-5 in prison for violating his home confinement.  Seems his ankle bracelet came off when they pile drove him to the floor, dislocating his shoulder which required immediate hospitalization.  Keep in mind that had a judge put him on the docket for release from home confinement which was due him the end of July, the bogus violation could not even have occurred.  Welcome to the USS of A, home of the slaves and land of the pussies.

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