As you read or listen to the 51 what ifs that Judge Napolitano presented on Fox news in 2014, realize a significant number of these relate to the present persecution and incarceration of Thomas Deegan.  Also, a great number of these issues were proven by Thomas, Gene Stalnaker, and Phil Hudok in the Supreme Court of Appeals in Case 15-0491 which is foundational to our country’s demise.   #51 Below – "What if freedom’s greatest hour of danger is now?"   Please support Thomas by your presence at his Mon. Jan. 25 9:00 AM arraignment and Tue. Jan. 26 10:00 AM home confinement hearing.  You can be sure I will be there!  If you can, please fax his court appointed attorney "handler" and demand that he communicate with Thomas and whoever Thomas designates! If you can come for only one of the two days, Thomas would greatly appreciate you support on the 26th.

Does the government work for us or do we work for the government?

1. What if the Constitution no longer applied?

2. What if the whole purpose of the Constitution was to limit the government?

3. What if Congress’s enumerated powers in the Constitution no longer limited Congress, but were used as a justification to extend Congress’s authority over every realm of life?

4.  What if the President, meant to be an equal to Congress, has become a democratically, term limited, monarch?

5. What if the President assumed that everything that he did was legal, just because he is the President?

6. What if he could disrupt you regularly scheduled radio and TV programming for a special message from him?

7. What if he could declare war on his own?

8. What if he could read your emails and your texts without a search warrant?            

9. What if he could kill you without warning?

10. What if Supreme Court Justices no longer looked to the Constitution to determine the constitutionality of a law, but rather simply to what justices who preceded them thought about it?

11. What if the rights and principles guaranteed in the Constitution been so distorted in the past 200 years as to be unrecognizable by the founders?

12.  What if the 50 States were no longer sovereign entities, equal to each other, and parents to the federal government they voluntarily constituted?

13. What if the States were mere provinces of a nationalized and fully centralized government?

14. What if the Constitution was amended stealth fully, not by constitutional amendments duly ratified by the States, but by the constant and persistent expansion of the Federal Government’s role in our lives?

15. What if the Federal Government decided if its own powers were proper and constitutional?

16. What if the Constitution were no longer the supreme law of the land?

17. What if you needed a license from the Government to speak, to assemble, or to protest against the Government?

18. What if the Government didn’t like what you planned to say and so it didn’t give you the license?

19. What if the right to keep and bear arms only applied to the Government?

20. What if posse comitatus, the federal law that prohibits our military from occupying our streets were no longer in effect?

21. What if the Government considered the military an adequate dispenser of domestic law enforcement?

22. What if cops looked like and acted like troops and you couldn’t distinguish the military from the police?

23. What if you were no secure in your person, in your papers, and in your property?

24. What if Federal Agents could write their own search warrants in defiance of the Constitution?

25. What if the Government could decide when you were and when you were not entitled to a jury trial?

26. What if the Government could take your property whenever it wanted?

27. What if the Government could continue prosecuting you until they got the verdict they wanted?

28. What if the Government could force you to testify against yourself simply by labeling you a domestic terrorist?

29. What if the people running for President actually supported torture?

30. What if the Government tortured you children to get to you?

31. What if Government Judges and Government Lawyers intimidated juries into convicting the innocent?

32. What if the Government could send you to your death and your innocence meant nothing so long as the Government’s procedures were followed?

33. What if America’s prison population, the largest in the world was a cruel and unusual way for a country to be free?

34. What if half the prison population never harmed anyone but themselves?

35. What if the people had no rights except those the Government chose to let them have?

36. What if the States had no rights except to do as the Federal Government commanded?

37. What if our elected officials didn’t really live among us, but instead all have their hearts and homes in Washington, D.C.?

38. What if your Government could strip you of your rights because of where you mother was when you were born?

39. What if the income tax was unconstitutional?

40. What if the States were convinced to give up their representation in Congress?

41. What if the Government tried to ban you from using a substance in your body but is older than the Government itself?

42. What if voting didn’t mean anything anymore because both political parties stand for big government?

43. What if the Government could write any law, regulate any behavior, and tax any event, the Constitution be damned?

44. What if the Government is the reason we don’t have a constitution anymore?

45. What if you could love your Country, but hate what the Government has done to it?

46. What if sometimes to love your County, you had to alter or abolish your Government?

47. What if Jefferson was right, that government is best that governs least?

48. What if I’m right, what if the Government is wrong?

49. What if it is dangerous to be right if the Government is wrong?

50. What if it is better to perish fighting for freedom than to live as a slave?

51. What if freedom’s greatest hour of danger is now?


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