Folks, above is the link to my livestream Account. 

I am the producer of Call to Decision Ministry and live stream among other things, Bible Studies, usually occurring on first and third Saturdays of the month.  Bible Studies begin at 11:30 A.M. Eastern.  The first hour is often a current events in light of Bible prophesy followed by a 30 minute or so break.  Then there is a second hour which usually concentrates on a certain theme in Scripture.  The Bible Studies are posted in advance but sometimes are cancelled or postponed for weather, scheduling conflicts, or some other unforeseen reasons.

Numerous other special events are also live streamed.  After Bible Studies or special events are uploaded to our CTDM (Call To Decision Ministries) YouTube channel, they are removed from the archives.  I also have produced over 100 videos on my YouTube Channel, Phillip Hudok, including many videos concerning the Rule of Law and other battles usually of a basic Christian theme.

May these resources be a blessing.

With no apologies, but many prayers,


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