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In a pretrial hearing lasting nearly two hours, motion after motion was denied by Judge Reed.  WTAP television station recorded the hearing by has yet to post the footage. WTAP appears to have exclusive access to trial coverage.

They have not posted any footage since the 1/26/16 hearing.  They have confused viewers by messages that the 2/19/16 and 3/1/16 hearings are posted and they are not.  

Here is a link to a video taken outside the Parkersburg, Circuit Court on 3/1/16 by Caleb Hitt.

Battle Nola welcomes Phil Hudok and Ritchie. Mr. Hudok and Ohio reporter, Caleb Hitt provide updates on the case of Thomas David House Of Deegan in West Virginia. Mr. Hudok and Ritchie then dives into the question of what is the rule of law, discussion of admiralty/maritime law vs. common law, rights granted to us by government vs. constitutional rights vs. unalienable rights, corporate government vs. constitutional government, expatriation, the War Powers Act of 1933, and the question of whether our country was founded on Christianity. Nathan and Danny also in studio.

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